22 Sep 2017 : Evidence Based Report Design

10 May 2017 : Presenting at ABPHM

1 May 2017 : Teaching at CBW Infectious Epi Workshop

30 Apr 2017 : Advanced to Candidacy!

27 Mar 2017 : Thesis Proposal Defence

24 Oct 2016 : IEEE VIS DC presentation

24 Oct 2016 : Presenting at IEEE Vis 2016 Workshop

1 Sep 2015 : I get to start my PhD today!

About me

As of September 2015 I am starting my doctoral studies with Dr. Jennifer Gardy and Dr. Tamara Munzner at the University of British Columbia.

For my doctoral project I will study how data from multiple clinical streams (laboratory, contact networks, and medical) can be integrated and visualized - with a specific emphasis on genomic data sources. My overarching goals are to develop frameworks and prototypes that illustrate how heterogeneous and complex data can be used to support knowledge translation between researchers, clinical teams, and policy makers.

A more detailed overview of doctoral research project is available on a separate page.

I am funded through a CIHR Vanier Scholarship.


I have over 5 years of experience in both industry and academic settings. I have developed pipelines and algorithms for the management and analysis of high-throughput genomic data (including next generation sequencing) and have lead translational projects that marry these technologies to clinical frameworks. My primary asset is the ability to envision, implement and especially communicate complex analyses pertaining to large amounts of heterogeneous data. In addition to my research pursuits, my goals are to also actively develop my leadership skills and work in environments that comprise multidisciplinary teams. You can either check out the publications or prior page research to learn more about my research background.

I presently hold a MSc in Bioinformatics and am also a Project Management Professional who is trained in both traditional and Agile practices and certified through the Project Management Institute.

Skill Set Summary

Technical Skills : Bioinformatics; Statistics, Biostatistics; Epidemiology; Machine Learning; and Public Health Methodologies
Primary Research Areas : Genomics and Metagenomics; Infectious Diseases; Cancer ; Information Visualization
Primary Programming Languages : R and Python