This is a list of talks that I have given, their associated slides, and (if there is one) associated video recording

[2017-Oct-09 ] Evidence-Based Design and Evaluation of a Whole Genome Sequencing Clinical Report for the Reference Microbiology Laboratory : ASM NGS (Washington, DC) [slides]

[2017-May-19 ] Visualizing public health data for communicable disease management and control : Applied Bioinformatics and Public Health Microbiology (Hinxton, UK) [slides]

[2017-May-03 ] Infectious Disease Genomic Epidemiology - Data Visualization Module : Canadian Bioinformatics Workshop (Vancouver, British Columbia) [slides] [lecture notes]

[2016-Dec-12 ] Visualizing Public Health Data : Bioinformatics for Infectious Disease Control: Mini Symposium - Integrated Rapid Infectious Disease Analysis Project (Vancouver, British Columbia) [slides]

[2016-Nov-15 ] What is Data Visualization & How Can You Use It in Your Daily Work? : Evening Rounds - BC Patient Safety & Quality Control Council (Vancouver, British Columbia) [slides]

[2016-Oct-24 ] On Regulatory and Organizational Constraints in Visualization Design and Analysis : Beyond Time and Errors: Novel Evaluation Methods for Visualization (Baltimore, Maryland) [slides]

[2016-Oct-22 ] Bridging the Gaps in Tuberculosis Research: A Public Health Data Visualization Problem : VIS Doctoral Colloquium - IEEE VIS Conference (Baltimore, Maryland)

[2016-Jul-07 ] Visualizing Public Health Data : Vancouver Healthcare Design Meetup (Vancouver, British Columbia) [slides]

[2016-Jun-07 ] Visualizing Public Health Data : Grand Rounds - BC Centre for Disease Control (Vancouver, British Columbia) [slides] [recording]